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Check it Out!

By 5:16 PM

Nicki Minaj's Check it Out Video Makeup Tutorial.

I filmed this look a few days ago for a nicki vs. kim contest hosted by tisha76 on youtube!

O1. JORDANA EYE PRIMER on my lids up to brows

O2. SHANY 40 E/S PALETTE (light pink) on inner corners

O3. SHANY 40 E/S PALETTE (pink) on entire lid

O4. ShANY 40 E/S PALETTE (peachy pink) transitioning color between the two other pinks

O5. SHANY 40 E/S PALETTE (brown) in my crease

O6. SHANY 40 E/S PALETTE (white) on my brow bone

O7. CLARINS NEO PASTELS PALETTE (gel eyeliner) on top and bottom lashes

O8. LOREAL EXTRA VOLUME COLLAGEN MASCARA (black) on top and bottom lashes

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