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Spring Trends Series: "My Favorite Nail Polish Trends"

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So I know that we all have our own tastes..especially when it comes to things like nail polishes. Some people buy nail polishes because of a certain brand, some people buy nail polishes of different shades of their favorite colors...and people like me, who buy nail polishes / wear them depending on trends

I've noticed quite a few of nail polish trends on the red carpet, runways, magazines, etc.
I chose 3 basic trends that I LOVE & ADORE
Which are "Purple Shimmery Nails", 

"Mauve Purple/Grey Nails", 

and my FAVORITE "UN-Boring Nude Nails".

I love these trends because you can play around with them. You can have a dark or even light purple with some shimmer / glitter on them if your going out. Or have a basic / simple mauve tone nails for the everyday workplace or just to run errands. & You can keep it simple but with a BAM / SPOT / SLASH (etc) of color  with the un-boring nude nails.

EXAMPLE: images found on google-images
Purple Shimmer / Glitter Nails
Mauve Tone Nail
UN-Boring Nude Nails

Here my video showing my methods and the colors that I've been loving and are going to be wearing this spring!

ALSO! check out the video for a giveaway at the end :)

DISCLAIMER: nothing shown in the post what given to me for free. all opinions are my own, i am not affiliated with any of the brands shown or mentioned.

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