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review: Sally Hanson Salon Effects

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A couple of people have been reviewing Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail polish strips. I've heard a couple of people say they didn't like it because it doesn't give you a range of sizes "it's made for people with  small nails". I sort of agree, even tho I have small hands I can see that even some of the sizes were too small for my fingers (but thank goodness they can stretch!)

They made a huge impact of beauty lovers because of the "Minx" nail trends in Hollywood.
These last about 10 days, they can stand against water, and are actually more durable than you would think.
The installation process was quite quick and easy. No messy nail polishes or anything.

It comes with 16 nail polish strips, cuticle stick, mini file & buffer.
No drying time, & comes off with nail polish remover.

at Drugstores

Overall Rating:
 * * * * *
The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have more of a variety of sizes.
Would I recommended to a friend? Would I repurchase?

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  1. i love them!
    i wore this sparkly pink one b4 and i had so many compliments

  2. I recently purchased a pack of these and will be trying them out soon.


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