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There are quite a few beauty trends this spring. I'm digging all of them!
From the bold bright colors to the sleek clean looks!

Trend o1. "Bright/Colorful Eyeliner"

I love this trend, it's so fun and vivid. You can play up with the endless possibilities of colors.
Just take all you black eyeliners and push them in the back of your eyeliner drawer and put
your PURPLES, PINKS, BLUE, GREENS, YELLOWS etc. in the front!

Trend o2. "Matte Lipsticks"

This trend has been around for some time now. I don't think it's ever really going to dye out.
Well, no trend ever dies out! They always come back in season! My only tip for you is BUFF 
your lips and or ex-foliate them before applying your matte lipsticks because of it's matte / dry finish 
it can show all your lips faults! & ALWAYS, apply a lip balm on your lips before your apply your lipstick.
I barely own matte lipsticks but I sure would love a blue matte lipstick! Any suggestions?

Trend o3. "Slick Back Hair Styles"

Not everyone might like this look. But I just think you don't
 know what hairstyles might work for you.
There are a couple of hairstyles that might make a female 
look really butch..but then they are the ones that gives your
 that slick back elegance look! For example the picture 
presented to your left! Don't be afraid to add a little 
gel in your hair and slick back everything. I
 recommended slicking it back in a tight high bun. 

Trend o4. "Over sized Hair"

This is the complete opposite the the last trend I mentioned above.
 But this is the one that I truly love. It's so much fun! I think 
anyone can rock this hair style. They won't make you look
 butch or too feminine. You can play with it to fit your current 
style. If your hair is naturally frizzy, LEAVE IT ALONE. 
Embrace it! 

Trend o5. "Green Eyeshadow"

Bring out of your odd not your normal wear eye shadows! Because GREEN is the IT eyeshadow of spring. 
I must admit it's not something that people would wear everyday, but you just have to know how to 
work it. You can do a green+brown subtle 
smokey eye for work/school. Or your 
can mix a gorgeous shade of green+black for a 
sexy smokey eye for a night out on the town. Play 
with all of your options and different shades of green. 
Trust me, your going to be amazed at how the look plays out!

They are many more beauty trend for Spring 2011, but these were the ones that caught my eye. 
I like each trend for different reason. 
Why not try something new? 
Go bright and bold!
 Go matte!
 Go slick back! 
Go Puffy! 

DISCLAIMER: this post was not sponsored nor was i compensated! all opinions are my own! all images shown without my customized logo were found on google.com or photobucket.com .

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