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Best Dressed This Week.

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So for this past week 4/24-4/30 :
Name: Joy Bryant
Dress:  Tucker by Gaby Basora
Shoes:  By Ralph Lauren
Jacket: By Levis
Thoughts: I love this look because of the western style to it. (which is also a trend like spring) First time I saw this trend was on Wendy William’s talk show. she paired a soft “southern” type of dress with with western “cowgirl” like accessories. I’m loving it!

Name: Nicole Richie 
Thoughts: I love this because it gives a casual “lets go have lunch look with a BAM! The perforated heels is so cute (tell me why I can’t find any booties like this) gave the boho chic top a push into the GLAM side.


Name: Ashley Greene
Shoes:  Jimmy Choo
Thoughts:  I’m loving the edgy skinny leather pants. It gave her a edgy yet casual look. Both what made me love it more is that she had a fun curly side ponytail and a eye catching purse! I would have forgotten about wearing that scarf if I was her tho, just with this outfit.


Name: Blake Lively
Dress:  By Zuhair Murad
Thoughts:  I’m loving ombre style of the dress. It adds some colorful “shadow” to certain parts of the body. The the “shadows” fell into place to compliment her body! And her “naturally looking” red hair?! Loving it on her!

Who do you think was the best dress out of all of them?

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  1. blake looked gorgeous!

  2. I agree with you on Ashley's outfit!
    She should have chose either the bag or the scarf.


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