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Dr Martens Anyone?

By 2:29 PM

I've been looking into the "Doc Martens" (drmartens.com) brand for a while now. 
& Recently I saw them featured in Nicki Minaj's newest video "Super Bass" (tutorial coming soon). 
The paired them with a pair of short shorts and a white T. Looking "urban street chic". 

As you can see the one she has on is basic. Kind of tom-boyish like. 
I like those too, but the ones I like has the feminine detailing.
Such as polka dots, floral prints, etc.

The ones I mentioned retails between $110 - $130.
Kind of pricey, but hey if you invested in "UGGS" then this 
shouldn't seem bad. 

Some people might not like it for the fact that it looks masculine. 
& not many girls want to spend over $100 on men-like boots.

But they do have female style shoes too! Check them out!

DISCLAIMER: this was not a sponsored post.it all my 100% unbiased opinion!
 images were created by me except for the doc martens pictures (credit). and i am not affiliated with any companies mentioned above

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