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FIERCE! : Beauty Edition

By 7:52 AM

I really haven't been posting a lot on this blog lately. & Especially with my beauty posts! I feel like
I've neglected it to talk about fashion.. but I was a beauty blogger first and cosmetology is still my passion.

I've been saving up (hoping to get one by my birthday) for a compact system camera. So I can have a good
quality camera both for my beauty channel and for blog posts. But more for my portfolio. 

Any who, I was scrolling around Tumblr and I came across some gorgeous beauty posts! 
(i swear tumblr is the blog to find some rare fashion and beauty posts!)

I love the intensity of this look!

I'm just in love with the fuchsia lips!

I love a air-effect smokey eye... They look amazing..

This is so different and edgy..

This is a cute spring (flowers blooming) type of look.

photo source: Tumblr.com

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  1. love the third one! thanks for the lovely comment



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