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New Looks!

By 3:23 PM

I've been a bit un inspired to actually film tutorials. Yet I've still been actually trying out different makeup looks.
IDK what it is..but they always come out ugly on camera..and I barely have time in the day to film so they lighting is always bad at night..I would love to invest in good lighting..but i barley have extra space in my room.
(ROOM TOUR COMING SOON.) That reminds me..I need to plan out my room arrangements.. I need to create some space aha!

Anywho, Here are a few pictures of some looks I've created.

Let me know what you all think! 

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  1. i love the purple smokey eye

  2. loove the last one!!xx


  3. tu as des yeux magnifiques, et j'aime beaucoup ton make up

  4. Love your makeup! Cute blog! XOXO

  5. You're soo good at this. I suck at makeup and often do look at video tutorials on blogs and youtube and marvel at the art.

    -Fashion Nostalgia

  6. That's where I started learning about makeup..
    then I decided to make my own channel


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