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Recent Work. (Makeup)

By 7:10 PM

This look was on my sister. Cliché from Itsjustlifeblog.com . 
She wanted a subtle green eye popping smokey eye. This very simple look (steps down below)

Base: NYX- HD eyeshadow base
NYX Soho Glam Collection Palette
Lid: 3rd row, last color (green)
Inner Corner: 4th row, 6th color (shimmery light beige)
Outer Corner:  2nd row, last color (navy blue) *used very lightly*
Lower Lash Line: 3rd row, 3rd color (shimmery brown)
Crease: 3rd row, 3rd color (shimmery brown)
Highlight: 3rd row, 6th color (matte beige)

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