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I know the Memorial Day weekend isn't over yet. But I hope you enjoyed it so far :) Monday is suppose to be like 90-92 degrees in NY "OUCH!". I can imagine how pack the beaches and pools are gonna be. Sometimes I wonder if I should buy a big blow up pool and get it up in the backyard. I mean it was so much far having the pool when I was younger. *thinks about it and smiles*
Anyways the reason why I'm a little excited is because this woman I know has been working about MAC for a long time now and I just found out that over the past few months she has been showing her co-workers my "Looks" via. Facebook. & They all fell in love. They say for a person  with that much talent at my age, I should try and apply there. They told me to make a portfolio of all of my looks that I believe is my best work and apply at a MAC store.

When She was telling me about this all I could do is smile. I don't know if it's just me, but when ever a complete stranger says something nice about my work it makes me feels so happy!

To rap this all up, basically I need to work on a portfolio! ASAP! :D

All The Best,

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