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BET Awards 11 Red Carpet

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My personal favorites from last night's show.

I was loving Nick Cannon in his all white attire, especially with the splash of pastels.

Willow and Jaden Smith  always had their OWN style.
I loved her Fresh Prince shirt and his Varsity  jacket.

Kerry  Washington looked real gorgeous in this long sleek yellow gown. 

I miss Ashanti! This gown is cute, I love that color! But I would have gone with a different hairstyle.

I added this because Nicki Minaj is getting there! I say if you took off the ruffles + the tights
and had cut off the sleeves. GIRL you would killed it. BUT this is Nicki's style.

I was loving this look on Alicia Keys, I would have left the blazer at  home tho. LOVE the shoes

I'm not really a Diamond fan but she had a nice "Flapper Girl" vibe.
I would have chosen a different pair of shoes tho! 

Whoa, Eve girl! I loved it & that braid , woo! lols

Keri Hilson is finally getting there. She has been falling off both hair
 and fashion wise lately. But I'm loving this look, I would have chosen different shoes but
 I love it still. & THAT HAIR (insert thumbs up)

LaLa is always looking spectacular. Her glam squad also have her on point.
By the way, her dress was a original Tom Ford <3

Finally Rosci chooses a dress
that's different and works. I loved it on her.

Tami (from Basketball Wives) was looking good! Look at her color blocking too!

Tracy Ellis Ross looked spectacular! LOVED IT!

& As you can see Tyga got some fashion advise from Kanye West. 
I liked it but I would have left out the bulky chain.

Did you watch the BET AWARDS 11'
Which celebrity did you just fall in love with when you saw their outfit? (doesn't have to be from above)
Photo Sources Necole Bitchie & The YBF


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  1. i didn't watch the show, but i did see the red carpet. i wrote about this on my blog too. i really wanted to include Kerry Washington and Eve on my best dressed list, but I couldn't find good photos of them. Alicia looks fab!

  2. I have awarded you a lovely blog award :). Please check my blog for details.

    I love Kerry Washington's look and I always love Alicia Keys, but I agree with you - I would have left the blazer at home too.


  3. Kerry Washington is my favorite. OMG, she totally rocks that yellow dress. She looks glamorous.




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