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Beauty Buzz: (China Glaze) Crackle Metals

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This past weekend China Glaze launched a video showing you their latest nail polish collection. Yes, another 
"Crackle/Shatter" nail polish collection. But they took it to another level, with METALLIC nail polishes 
that crack! You thought that they other was was cool? PSH! 
Now it's even cooler :), it's cooler than a winter night in NYC!

The "Crackle Metals" Collection featured 6 metal-like cracking nail polishes.
Not sure how much they will retail for, most likely the same price as their other collections.
To my knowledge, the regular crackle nail polishes retails for about $6 at Sallys Beauty Supply.
But it might cost less at other stores.
Tarnished Gold:  honey-like hue
Cracked Medallion: bold bronze
Platinum Pieces: pure silver metal
Latticed Lilac: dingy-like lilac
Haute Metal: dingy yet pale pink/lavender
Oxidized Aqua: dingy-like aquamarine blue


Launches June/July 2011

I reeeeally want the Bronze Medallion, Platinum Pieces, and Haute Metal nail polishes.

Are you looking forward to this summer collection? 
Are you tired of the "Crackle/Shatter" Trend?

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  1. I've seen this trend everywhere..i dont think it will last long but I love the look of the metalic ones! Thanks so much for sharing.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. I love these! I already pre-ordered ;) Thanks for checking out my blog!


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