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Haute Attack or Heart Attack? Featuring. Beyonce

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King B's album "4" is set to release on June 28th, personally I love her album.
I think the reason why people don't like it is because
 it's not the type of music that's playing on the radio today. 
This album is SOULFUL album, you hear a woman that 
can SANG..not just talk over a good hook.

**This album art was release a couple of days ago,
with the release of the song PARTY featuring Andre 3000.

What do you think? Is is Haute? or Not?

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  1. i think it is HOT! definitly!

    kisses juli


  2. i've been hearing mixed reviews of her cd too, but i like that it's not like the usual stuff on the radio these days. and i think this artwork is haute!


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