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Lumiere Et Alouette Cosmetics.

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Today I'm going to review a company called Lumiere Et Alouette Cosmetics
It's small etsy shop business. The owner's name is Aimee as she is so kind and sweet.
& You know good customer service is a MUST especially when it come to online stores.
This cosmetic line has highly pigmented eye shadows and they're affordable!
You can get a 10gram jar of your favorite shade for at most  $6.99.
Some 10 gram jars even cost $3.49.
The Colors I received were "Reef", "Grave Digger", "Silver", and "Coral".
I applied the eye shadows on a base and also on my bare hands.
The base I used was from BASTAR cosmetics. *it's like a glue for eye shadows/glitters*

They're actually pigmented without the base, but if you want
 long lasting I really recommend a base/primer.

 The next set of eye shadows I tried out were "baggie samples".
In the colors "Saxon","Black Hole", and "Thunder".
I don't believe that you can purchase the baggie sizes at her shop.
But you can purchase the full sizes (10g) for these colors.

Again, I applied the eye shadows with both base and no-base.
Now, these eye shadows are really pigmented. especially the "Black Hole".
It actually seems to have a dark green undertone to it.
I loveee the Saxon shade, it's like a perfect shimmery navy blue color!


Overall, I like their products. The $3.49  pricing  is a deal. 
I would compare them with E.L.F's mineral eye shadows.
Just a little more pigmented!

FTC DISCLAIMER: The Lumiere Et Alouette Cosmetics were gifted for a possible review. 
I wasn't compensated nor was my opinions influenced. 
This is my honest thoughts on this company and their products.

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  1. I agree these colors are great. I love Reef, Coral & Grave digger. Now if only I can apply make up lol.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. Nice post, these colors are really cool.

    Hugs from:

  3. I agree with the above. The colors are GREAT –especially the coral and reef. So unexpected.

    Style Defined NYC
    Pixie Warhol

  4. I like the grave digger shadow.
    I love neutral looks, and that brown is perfect!

  5. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  6. Hi !
    I like your blog :) It inspires me :)
    Mind checking mine out? I am hosting a cool giveaway and who knows, maybe you can be the winner !!!

    Xxxo Sweetie!

  7. Are we following each other? not sure...so thought I ask :)

    <3 Marina

  8. I have been so obsessed with coral recently!I love it!

  9. coral! love love



  10. I adore the blue! They are so bright.


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