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Arizona Beauty School

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Are you interested in becoming a hair stylist or a skin therapist? Do you happen to live in Scottsdale, Arizona? Then you should check out  the “Kohler Academy”. At Kohler Academy you will have the opportunity to train at professional levels using a variety of products. You will also learn all the skills and techniques needed for working for spas and salons. They provide both a cosmetology and skins therapy program.  If you wish to enroll you must be at least 17 years of age with a high school and/or the equivalent, and now financial aid is officially available.

Cosmetology Program:
You will learn the basic foundation of cosmetology. You will learn about hair sculpting and cutting, shampooing, grooming tools, sanitation, and hygiene. You also get the exposure from spending time in the Salon Clinic, interacting with and servicing the guests.

Skin Therapy Program:
You will use theory and clinical practice to learn what you need to succeed as a skin therapist. Things such as: cells, metabolism, bacteriology, and human anatomy and physiology. You will also learn about mask therapies, hair removal and also facial treatments. They will stress the basics as well as advanced education.

To top it all off, they offer a 3-Day Program. Which is perfect for someone with a part time job, or a family, for any with a life in general. With their 3-day flex schedule you have more days off to fulfill any tasks you have at hand. Check them out if you happen to live around that area.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I  was also compensated. My opinions wasn’t influenced by being paid. I am not affiliated with the Kohler Academy in any way. I am a soon to be cosmetology student myself, which is the reason why I accepted this offer.

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