Hi beauties, welcome back to my blog!

Blog Hiatus.

By 10:39 AM

I've definitely been on a hiatus from this blog. For something so small, it took up a lot of my time. And I've been trying to do a few things aside from writing on my computer. But I'm back! (insert yays here.) I'm going to be filming at least 2 tutorials a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for my beauty channel (makeupbyshanice). I am also starting to build my portfolio website. I will call it "Makeup by Shanice". (insert wows here.) Once I have that set up, I will re-start (if that's a word) to do freelance makeup again. I am currently revamping my entire kit. So if your in the N.Y.C area and you have a gig for me. HIT A GIRL UP! (lmao)

I want to do some more beauty related reviews on here. Start actually posting "my style" posts, but it's time consuming idk how other fashion bloggers do it. I'm also currently working on a fall and back to school trends post. I have alot to do today, starting with making breakfast. So I will ttyl :) 

xoxo Shanice.

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