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I Changed my Youtube Account.

By 6:21 PM

No I wasn't hacked or anything. I just changed my YouTube account from "shaniceex3" to"makeupbyshanice".
I thought that since many people always confused "shanicex3" with "shaniceex3" I should change it. Plus I wanted a professional-like name for future references. I know that means I have to start from scratch...I fell from 500+ subscribers to 0 (currently i have 13). But I thought this would be a great idea, I could start a new and better channel since I know have more knowledge on the YouTube beauty community. From yesterday and today I will be re-uploading some of my best videos (in my opinion) that doesn't have my old channel's name in it. & Hopefully by tomorrow (Thursday) I will have a new video up. I'm thinking dramatic black and white smokey eye?!

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