Hi beauties, welcome back to my blog!

Blog Update?!

By 6:26 AM

    Hey everyone! <3 Well I am been totally neglecting my blog and devoting my extra time to my YouTube videos. Also I have been extra busy planning my future. Because of certain issues I had to change things up. I'm in the works of buying a HD camcorder for my YouTube channel & personal use + I have to get a new cell phone due to the fact that my blackberry broke. I've also been busy working with companies for future giveaway sponsorships and/or reviews. (Cause you know I always have to give something back!) Um, & yeah!

     But now I have been focusing on this blog this past week, and I want to make it into something more. I still want this to be my personal beauty and fashion blog. But I want that professional look to it. Something that looks like it's a wordpress.org based website instead of blogger. (Insert laughter here) I want it to be clean, not messy, but have a little hi-tech to it, if you know what I mean. Well, I don't know. I have to work on it and do my research. I swear! My summer has been filled with pure thinking. I am truly a over thinker.

     Well, I'm off to think of new and better ideas! 

xoxo Shanice

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