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Beauty Buzz: FALL TREND- Spider Lashes

By 10:09 AM

Do you barely like the hassle of applying eye shadow every morning? Do you think minimal is best? Do you feel like you need a pop for your wardrobe? Well there is a new fall trend that I personally fell in love with. SPIDER LASHES! Don't let the scary name fool you into to not trying this trend. If done right you won't look like you have on a pair of Halloween lashes. 

I will have a tutorial on this coming soon. :)

As seen here, I would have semi-dramatic spider lashes with no eye shadow, and a bold lip. This just screams "MAKEUPNISTA"... (get it?, fashionista...makeupnista *insert laughter here*) I just love it! I know many of you won't like this trend but certain trends aren't for everyone.

If you don't like the bold lip, try the spider lash trend Twiggy style.

Anyways, like I said expect a tutorial coming soon. 
It's time to bring out your clumpy mascara girls!

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