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Runway Favorites: DW Women's Line

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During Paris's fashion week, Kanye West launched his very first women's clothing line, DW by Kanye West. According to other blogs, DW stands for Donna West, his mother who had passed away a few years ago. From what I could tell, his line was more focused on the edgy-eye catching cuts and shapes. I personally loved all of the outfits but I wanted to share with you all my personal favorites.

I loved the color of this dress. The plunging neckline was sexy.
The materials and texture took it from 'plain and sexy' to 'edgy and sexy'.

Left: I loved the studded belt with what I believe is leather pants.
The fur shrug, which I hope is faux fur.. was just the icing on the cake.

Right: This was my most favorite dress that was featured on the runway.
This totally seems like something Cassie would wear, and I adore her style.
I love the plunging neckline, especially because it isn't your normal v-shaped neckline.
And of course the shoes that everyone was buzzing about...need I say more?!

Did you have any favorites from his line?


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  1. This line is so Kanye, what he'd wear if he were a woman. It's sweet that the line is named after his mother.

    Liz Lizo

  2. This line really is Kanye. My favorite is the fur..which I also hope is faux fur.



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