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My Style: Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving around the corner I have quite a few things to think about. First is my hair, I've decided to get a braided side swept curly hairstyle. I know that sounds like alot but in my next video you'll get to see it for your own eyes. Then I have to think about a outfit for that day, which brings me to this post.

I have 3 outfits in mind for Thanksgiving. Considering the weather in New York lately, one day-freezing & the next-warm. These outfits are simple yet chic in my opinion.

  1. The exact outfit I am thinking about is my Old Navy Breezy Blouse in Green w/ my Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans & UrbanOG Wild Diva Gena Heels. For accessories, I'm thinking keeping it minimal to keep the attention on the shoes.
  2. The exact outfit I am thinking about is the Old Navy Satin Dress w/ ballet  flats for a sweet & simple look. Maybe wear a statement stud earring and keep the rest minimal.
  3. The is my favorite one, it's like edgy meets preppy with MC Hammer on the side. Okay, so a Old Navy Crochet Sweater w/ harem pants from Forever21 and my combat boots that were Thrifted.
What do you think? 
I wanted to still feel semi-dressy but I wanted to be comfy. 
After all I will be eating alot! :)

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  1. I really like the first choice. Either way you are going to look great!

  2. I love all three of them, but I can really see you in either the first or last outfit!

  3. Oooh that last outfit is bad!!! I love it! I might have to find those pieces asap! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! xoxo


  4. I'm having an affliction green. All very chic!!!


  5. i love the green blouse!!! I might even have to go to Old navy to find it!!!

  6. Love all the outfits! Haven't talked to you in a while! Glad to see your blog is doing well. (:


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