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Hair She Grows: Semi-Big Chop

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Hair She Grows!
So recently I've done a semi-big chop. Why didn't I cut off all of my relaxed ends? Well my mother was the one doing the honor and she refused to cut my hair any shorter. She kept complaining that I wasn't going to like my hair so short. Even tho I kept telling her that if I'm not comfortable with very short hair once it's cut I can easily do a quick weave or go to the salon for a installation or even buy a darn lace front once I have the courage. I tell you we have been debating me going natural and not ever getting a relaxer again for months. She keeps sayings she knows I'm not going to like it. Blah Blah Blah! Well, this is how short my hair was cut. I have about 2 more inches of relaxed ends, I think I'll cut it off sometime next month.

Stay tuned for more updates along with hair tutorials and reviews relating to natural hair. Don't worry I will have plenty of other reviews and hair tutorials non-natural hair related.

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