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Quest For The Perfect Skin

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What’s your skin care regimen? For years both men and women have tried many different products in search of the perfect skin care products. No one likes pimples or blemishes. Around 1500 BC people used sandpaper to exfoliate the skin and smooth scars. Can you say OUCH! Around 300 BC Cleopatra’s use to bath in sour milk to exfoliate her skin, in the early 100s people used lead to whiten their skin and clear blemishes. Considering now we know that lead is extremely dangerous and poisonous, we can see how many of the regimens from the past were crazy or just out there.
Did you know that exposure to wind and sun can dry skin and lead to skin disorders? The skin is our largest organ and we have to treat it with a lot of care. Now in 2012 we have many scientifically proven key ingredients that can help benefit the skin. Now has Tanda introduced a portable device that zaps acne using a blue light technology. The zap uses a combination of powerful blue light with sonic vibration and gentle warming for clinically proven clearing results. The quest for the perfect skin's skin care regimens have came along way over the years.

Check out Tanda to see how it all works!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored ad. My opinions have not been influenced by the fact that I have been compensated. This post is not a review it is an article talking about skin care and Tanda's products.

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