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Sleeveless Chambray Top Tutorial + How-to Style

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Something that has caught my eye recently was sleeveless chambray tops. I had a plain chambray top that I bought at my local thrift store and I decided to reconstruct it and make it more modern. Wearing a plain chambray top is so last season to me and plus with summer around the corner it's a perfect staple piece.

Supplies Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Grater / Razor

This do-it-yourself project is easy and quick. Like I mentioned in the video you can add embellishments such as studs, spikes, chains on the collar, etc. I chose to go the basic route with this blouse because I want to be able to wear it with statement necklaces.

Below is how I decided to style it for my 18th birthday this past Tuesday.
As for shoes, I wore my heels from UrbanOG

Check out the easy How-To Tutorial Below

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