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Hairspiration: Natural Hair Edition

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From before I ever decided to cut off my relaxed shoulder length locks I was inspired by so many "natural hair" beauty gurus on YouTube. I began feeling lazy to go to my specific hair dresser in the Bronx, and started doing my own relaxers. Might I add that I did the damn thing! But, I grew to be lazy and got tired of touching up my hair every month. So I decided I was going natural and started to transition. And I choose to cut off my hair earlier this year. My hair grew a lot since then, you can totally tell by just looking at it. (I will do a length check within the next week or so.)

I digress, but I have found over the years women who hair I find to be remarkable. They are my "hairspirations". I have followed their natural hair growth journey for months, taking notes and tips for my own hair. They were even the ones who inspired me to create my own wigs for any day you just want longer hair. I want to share with you some of the women who are my hairspirations.

Denim Pixie/ Quest For The Perfect Curl

Bargain Princess

I  go to these vloggers/bloggers for styling tips, hair care regimens, and much more.

I have so many other hairspirations, but I didn't want to spam you all! If you want a list of all of the vloggers, bloggers, and celebrities I'm inspired by just comment below. :)

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