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MY LIFE. (according to google)

By 11:05 PM

 This game is all about using Google and its search bar, you type in certain things and choose the first description...I wonder how that will go!

1: Type in "(name) needs" in the Google search:
"shanice needs ur #"

i dont recall needing anyones number..

2: Type in "(name) looks like" in the Google search:
"shanice looks like one of the fish that eats at the krusty crab"
really? "/

Search Results

  1. 3: Type in "(name) hates" in Google search:
    "shanice hates the camera"
    sing when? i make youtube videos.
4: Type in "(name) goes" OR "(name) has gone" in Google search:
"shanice goes to japan"
wait..i did?

5: Type in "(name) loves" in Google search:"shanice loves obamas smile"

why yes i actually do.

6: Type in "(name) eats" in Google search:
"shanice eating wasabi with shon on webby"

whos shon?

7: Type in "(name) has" in Google search:
"shanice has no surname" 

its kind of true because i'm not married.

8: Type in "(name) works" in Google search::

"welcome official site of shanice b. www.shaniceb.com"

wat? im shanice w. -_-

9: Type in "(name) lives" in Google search: 


10: Type in "(name) died" in Google search:

"oca: invest. into death shanice m"
poor shanice m.

11: Type in "(name) does" in Google search:
"r&B singer shanice does soulfully weird cover of lady gaga"

hey i was named after her. :)

12: Type in "(name) will" in Google search:

"r&B singer shanice does soulfully weird cover of lady gaga"
same result?

13: Type in "(name) is" in Google search:

"videos of shanice is back"
aha there she goes again!

When I typed my name into the Google images bar I got the picture below


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