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Lusting For You!

By 10:46 PM

Tutorial Time!!! :)

About time i uploaded a new tutorials. I always seem to neglect tutorials on my channel and do reviews.
But I'm starting to practice filming looks and playing with my lighting. I just have to use natural lighting and 
it's been kinda dull outside here in ny "(. But I tried!!

SO, THIS LOOK TODAY will be done by using my Wet n Wild LUST Palette.
Its very easy, quick and simple.

This is the palette I used!



(1) primer - BA STAR smudge proof eyeshadow base  

(2) using a eyeshadow brush apply the 1st eyeshadow on the left
onto 2 thirds of your eye (starting at the inner corner)
& also using the tip of the brush apply the color on 1 third of your 
lower lash line

(3) using a eyeshadow brush apply the 2nd eyeshadow on the left 
onto your outer V and the remainder of your lid

(4) using a blending brush apply the 3rd color on the left
into your crease. and BLEND BLEND.
blend it around you outer V to created a circler shape

(4) using the tip of the eyeshadow brush
use the dark purple and apply the the remainder of your
lower lash line

(5) using a eye defining brush
apply the 1st eyeshadow on the right
as your highlight

(6) apply your favorite mascara & BAM!


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