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Merry Christmas....EVE!

By 12:25 PM

Happy holidays to all the people that don't celebrate christmas!. & Merry Christams...EVE to the ones that do.
I still have a little more last minute shopping to do.. First I need to go to my sister's CVS, to drop something off at their Christmas party, then off to the outlet in NJ....well I think it's the one in NJ. lols..

I honestly didnt buy a single gift yet..well except  one for my dog :)

I got her a hair bow, a new brush, and a bone + a pink collar WOOT!  Do you think my spoiled munch-kin is going to love it? I hope so. LOL..

& I still need to get my mother her burberry perfume.. UGH! the hassle.. I wonder what she's getting me :)

I asked for 4 things for christmas..

They are all quite expensive..but I told everyone to anny up..& I would anny up too. lmaoo

I asked for

"Jimmy Choo" UGGs  (the leopard studded ones)

Canon SX210  Camera (gold or black)

$100 valued Giftcard to MAC Cosmetics

$100 giftcard to forever 21 :)   (the plus size collection is feirce!)

___Please don't think I'm high maintenance because all the things mentioned are like over $100. This is just what I asked " santa. I don't demand these things everyday..I might have alot of name brands in my closet but I'm a bargin hunter, i look for sales, go to outlets, etc.  " Most likley I will get none...but maybe I will get the camera.. thats the one I want the most :D *crosses fingers*

What did you guys asked santa?  Do we have any similiar choice 


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