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My Dream Camera(s)

By 6:08 PM

Canon Powershot G12


Eos Rebel XS 18-55IS


Okay, so you guys know I'm in the market looking for a new camera. Preferably a SLR Camera.
Just because I love photography. & Those are the best camera for that! I mean I'm not going to be a photographer.. But I can still practice.. Have another hobby. But boy are those cameras pricey! LOL! But hey, like I said "dream cameras" :)   Maybe during tax time.. Or maybe I need to get a weekend job, save up my paychecks and probably can afford them in a month or two. That reminds me!! I need to finalize my working papers. Lols PERFECT timing too. Because I have a doctors appointment on Monday and all I need to finalize it was a certificate of health. Hopefully by 2011 I can start applying for a job :D !! 

Anyways! Do you guys have any cameras on your wishlists? Do share!


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