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So It is New Years Eve.

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So it is New Years Eve!.  Tomorrow is January 1st. 2011. Can you believe it? Another year passed already.
WOW. Time sure flies by fast!. Well this post is going consist of my plans for New Years Eve and my Resolutions for the new year!

First Things First!: My Plans :)

5:33am - Write this post and set it to post around 10am :D hehe xD
11:00pm - Decide whether I'm going to the Bronx to do my hair  (my aunt's a hair stylist)
12:00pm - If I decide to go, get ready to leave...
3:00pm - Hopefully have started my hair while watching BET's best videos of the year special (is it coming on this yr?)
6:00pm - Hopefully have finished my hair and drank some SOUP! yummmmmm! lols
6:00pm - Call my mother to ask if she thinks i shud come homeor spend the night
8:00pm - Disney Channel :D
1000:pm - Dick Clark's Special
11:00pm ISH - 106 & Park Special / Dick Clark's Special


Second!: My New Years Resolution
i have 5 in total..

o1. Lose 20-25 pounds. (you might think thats alot but i actually have to lose it.)
o2. Get to school on time / Be in every class  (my friend's doesn't think I can do it)
o3. Get out more, I'm a home body too much (does that make sense?) 
o4. GET A JOB !!!!! (this should before #3 but nahh)
o5. and Last... Become a partner on youtube >:D (i just want a banner on my page so I can make it sexy for ya


LMAO! So yeah! I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Hopefully you start the new year on the right foot!

As Always XOXOLovelyss

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