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TwoFold Tutorial

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I filmed this tutorial just to try out some new Jordana products I received in the mail. It was a subtle/simple cut crease pink and purple look using the Twofolded eyeshadow duo. (MORE DRAMATIC LOOKS COMING SOON)
 I think this way is a simpler way for beginners to learn how to do a cut crease look.

Click HERE if you wish to purchase this duo it retails for about $4 USD

I will have a review on all the Jordana products I received in 1-2weeks. so STAY TUNED :)

BASE: Jordana Eye Primer

EYESHADOW: Jordana Color Effects Eyeshadow Duo "Twofold"

LIQUID EYELINER: Jordana/Incolor FabuLiner "Black"

MASCARA: The Color Workshop Mascara "Black"

PENCIL EYELINER: Maybelline Great Liner "Violet"

O1. I primed my eyes with the Jordana eye primer

O2. I used the pink eyeshadow with a dampened flat shader brush

O3. Using another but slightly smaller dampened shader brush I used the 
purple eyeshadow and slid  it across my crease, in a cat eye shape

O4.  With a blender brush and the Vanity palette from Wet N' Wild (the shimmery beige color)
I applied that color as an highlight and use the tip of the brush to blend out the harsh
liners, blending the highlight and the crease color together

O5. Then I applied a cat eye / winged eyeliner across the eyelids using the Incolor Fabu Liner in Black

O6. I applied the Color Workshop Mascara in Black

O7. I applied Maybelline's Great Liner in Violet across my lower lash liner



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