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Best and Worst Dress At The Grammys

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The Grammys was great but it's time to look at the best and worst dressed attendees. I wish I could have styled some of these celebrities. Some of them missed it by a inch while others slayed the red carpet. Below are some of the celebrities who outfits were stood out to me.

Jennifer Hudson
The dress is nice but the cut is all wrong to me. If it was a mini dress it would have been cute. 

I don't know what Ciara had on! This gladiator like dress would be perfect maybe for like a photo shoot...but for The Grammys? A nice sequence long gown would have did wonders for her.

Nicki Minaj
We all know Nicki for her outreagous outfits, but if this was a concert or like a performance costume I would understand. Nicki should have known better because this was The Grammys. Why couldn't she had dressed a little more elegantly.

I'm not a fan of Rihanna, but I always say she can dress. But this see through dress,
it was just tacky to me..They are way* more elegant see through gown. The ruffles or feathers
WHAT EVER IT IS was tacky to me. RiRi COME'ON! 
Well at least she took that curly animal off her head!

Keri Hilson
The oddly shaped dress...The blue color is goregous!
It's edgy yet simple at the same time

Eva Longoria
This dress by itself is wow. Yet Eva knows do keep the shoes and hair simple
Black pump + A DRESS THAT POPS + Sleak Bun = PERFECTION.
I loved it.

Jennifer Lopez
Classic J-Lo. A Mini Sequence dress to show off the curves..
Its a great performing dress. a little daring and SHOUTOUT TO THE HOT MAMAS aha!

Kim Kardashian
i LOVED THIS GOWN! The gown she could barely fit her botty in LOLS
This long shimmery gold gown with a sexy slit on the left leg paired with nude pumps!

 Will Smith
Will Smith won best dress for the males..One of the few males that wore a full
suit and SHOES not sneakers or boots. HE KNOWS HOW TO DRESS!

So that was my take on the grammys :)
Who do you think was the best dressed or the worse? 

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