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New Room?

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So I'm thinking about different things to do to my room. We might be moving so I would be getting a new room. My mother can't decide what she wants to do yet. Either way, I'm going to re-do my room. It's all coming out of my pocket so I have to be reasonable. I want a cute-girly-princess room. Lmao, but age appropriate. I want my pinks, purples, and whites still. With cute decors...but more like a teen-ADULT room. I need ideas.  My room isn't huge, but I know how to make room.

I'm thinking about all WHITE furniture..Maybe a Twin sized day bed..I've always wanted a "princess bed" like the one with that canopy thingy hanging on top...but I only think those looks cute with like a queen/full size bed. And that would be too big for my room. So Twin Sized bed it is! lol & With day beds I can turn it into my bed and into a little sitting area if friends come over..

This one is from JustDayBeds.com  starting price is $689
I wouldn't want the trundle becus i want the storage space
, nor the mattress (becus i have one already).

This one is also from JustDayBeds.Com
This is a little more age appropiate and cheaper.
It doesn't have a built in trundle, which doesn't bother me.

Now on to wall colors I'm thinking of a light creamy white like pink color. Lols huh? I know right!
a wall color like this would be perfect...
with a quote over my bed on the wall
using chalk :)  they have a chalk board paint now can you believe it?
using this paint

I already have white furtinutue so it would match the beds perfectly..
I'm going to have to paint my dresser white..other  than that and a few 
decorative picture frames  of cutesy art and maybe a cork board bulletin board..
maybe on like this.
With the extra decor the little things i think my room would be complete...What do you guys think?

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