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Are Geo-Lenses Safe? *Review

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A while back there was a lot of controversy about Geo circle lenses in the media.
They were a big hit around Korea. They made their first big appearance when everyone
wanted the BIG dolly eyes like the way Lady Gaga had in the "Bad Romance" video. 
(her eyes was photo shopped by the way) The media talked about how circle lenses can cause quite a few problems
with your eyes. Such as: Blindness, Corneal Ulcer & Abrasions, Vision Impairment, and Lack of Oxygen.


WELL!, what they lack to mention is that these problems only happen with everyday use.
Geo Circle Lenses along with Cosmetic Lenses can cause damage if not prescribed by your doctor.
 They are not meant to be worn on a daily basis. The only ones that are to be worn often
are the prescription ones, which you need your eye measurements from your eye doctor.
If you have all of that information then that mean the contacts will be as healthy for you as
any other one your doctor gives your personally. 
 But they are still Cosmetic Lenses, NOT TO BE WORN DAILY.
So you can pop them in for a photo shoot, a day out with your friends, 
your next Facebook profile picture, and still be able to see the next day!

& If you still a little bit scared about trying Geo Lenses you can bring them to your doctor for them to exam them.
This one is called "CM-901". It's a Grey Geo Lens. They are 100% authentic!
They provide a code on the bottom of your lens bottom for you to look up on their website
to check the authenticity of you Geo lenses. The color payoff is GREAT! I personally
have dark brown eyes and you can see the Grey color pop! They are extremely comfortable,
I barley even notice it was in there after 2 minutes. 

They were really "thirsty" at first so I had to soak it for a little over 24 hours. ----

This one is called "OL-104". It's a Hazel-Brown Geo Lens. Again this one is 100%
authentic, code is also provided on the bottom. The color payoff isn't all that great on dark brown
eyes. You only see a slight change.  They have a Hazel rim around the lenses which you can slightly see. According to my sister, they were comfortable and she barley noticed she had them on.

Retail Price "CM-901" : $21.50
Retail Price "OL-104" : $21.50


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