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Best Dressed This Week.

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I’m thinking about posting a best Dressed this week post every week. For the past 7 days.
So for this past week 4/17-4/23 :

Name: Reese Witherspoon
Dress: By Jason Wu
Shoes: By Louboutin
Thoughts: I love this bubbly black and white dress
 this is a cute classic look. It could have been a
plain dress but the floral print just gave it a
youthful feel to it. & The slick back hair
also draw more attention to the dress.


Name: Kim Kardashian
Dress: By Bensoni
Thoughts: I love this edgy/different piece that 
Kim is rocking. Also that leather belt is bringing out
 her curves and you know I’m a curvy enthusiasts! 
& I long the classic Kim hair, it gave 
this dress a softer side.

Untitled 3

Name: Helen Mirren
Dress: By Dolce & Gabanna
Thoughts: Okay, first when I saw this outfit I have
 to admit that the jacket didn’t go with the dress.
But after looking at for the 100th time I have to
say that I love it. I feel that without the jacket I
 might not like it on her. The jacket just gives the
leopard print dress a even edgier feel. If anything,
this red carpet event(Arthur’s London Premier)
was the perfect event that she could have worn this outfit to.

Untitled 2

Name: Scarlett Johansson
Dress: By Roland Mouret
Thoughts: Can you say classic beauty?
Ugh, how I loved this outfit!! Red color is 
definitely Scarlet’s color! The cinched in 
waist shows curves & the short hair s
tyle gave the dress even more attention.

Untitled 1.giflook

Name: Gwyneth Paltrow
Dress: By Rachel Roy
Shoes: By Camilla Skavgaard
Thoughts: So some reason every outfit Gwyneth
 puts on now a days she looks stunning. Even the
outfits she wears on the show “Glee”! This below
 the knee length dress is stunning on her. &
The bright/vivid yellow color just accentuate her
 blonde locks. & Of course added that
color blocking contrast with some cute black heels!

Who do you think was the best dress out of all of them?
BTW. do you like this new idea? let me know in the comments!
images from Instyle

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  1. Don't you just love Reese Witherspoon?? She is too cute!

    Come visit me at http://stylelustpages.com :)

  2. i love her!

    thanks for commenting!


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