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First Impressions: Beautyfix.com

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Beautyfix.com is basically a membership only type of beauty store & anyone can join. You can receive up to $400 worth of beauty products! You first have to sign up by answering about 8-10 beauty related questions about yourself. Then the panel of experts will gather up a bunch of recommendations for you to try (those are the products you can purchase). For only $49.99 every season, you can choose up to 8 products to try out. Most of the products if not all are full size items. & There are always FREE shipping!!

I got the chance of picking out 8 free products to test out and give one of my honest reviews

Items Mentioned

  • Degree for Women - Body Mist "Sexy Intrigue  (****)
  • Decleor - Instant Radiance Moisturizer (*****)
  • SpaRitual - Nail Lacquer "Enlightened" (***)
  • Jonathan  Product - Finishing Polishing Gloss (*****)
  • Frais - Hand Sanitizer (***)
  • iQ Derma - Perfect Fit Teeth Whitening System (*****) 
  • Juice Beauty - Sensitive Green Apple Peel  (**)
  • Skyn Iceland - Purple Clould Cleanser "Dry Skin" (***)
  • Beautyfix - Beautyfix Large Cosmetics Bag  (*****)

Overall Review-
SHIPPING: free shipping + tracking number (*****)

PACKAGING:  large bubble wrap - organized placing (****)

CUSTOMER SERVICE: fast response, answers all of your questions, professional! (*****)

* -stay clear from it
** -had my problems, but you can try it out for yourself
*** -good quality, you should try it
**** - i like it, check it out
***** -excellent!, check them out ASAP!

DISCLAIMER: beautyfix.com provided these items as gifts for a possible review..all opinions are my own and this is also my honest un bias review!

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