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Haute Attack or Heart Attack™

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" Haute Attack or Heart Attack™ "

Cassie's New Hairstyle

Cassie has did it again! Cassie is known for her few hits. But what made her , HER, was when she pulled the "Cassie"! When she had shaved have of her head everyone went o_O. But of course months , many months later you see about every girl with a "Cassie Hairstyle". That hairstyle was never really my taste but I have to admit, it looked darn good and Cassie's head. 

But now Cassie has went even further, but it seems a little for subtle.. She has finally shaved her head and got a regular Mohawk! Some people are still saying "wth is wrong with her" " what was she thinking" but how much you want to bet they're going to have this hairstyle in a few months. I personally like it on her! I was waiting for these to happen. & To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls a "Amber Rose"!
I give it a *HAUTE ATTACK*

What do you think about Cassie's New Do? 
Do you like it?
Or should she just pull a "Amber Rose" already!?

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  1. this might seem mean but im not a huge fan of it
    she looked better with all of her hair


  2. Well, she does have killer eyes that allows her to wear just about any hairstyle. I sure couldn't pull that look off.

    ...shop, shop, shop!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Americans can sometimes strike me as quite conservative. We were rocking the shaved sides and Mohawk yonks ago. I personally had my 'hawk in 2008 and had a bald head after that for about 18 months!

    People complain about the weave and then they complain about natural hair - a girl just can't win!

    Personally I think she looks smoking HOT!

    p.s thanks for the add on IFB. Love meeting new blog-friends and look forward to getting to know you :)


  5. @Mulika, I hear you!!
    But it's becoming more accepted everyday.


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