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Want A Peice Of Bubblegum?

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So I've had this nail polish (Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear- Bubblegum Pink) for forever now. 
But I've recently tried it out, when I did my nails to go to Jamaica.
 Everyone knows my favorite color is pink..& that I love all things pink. So off the bat I thought I would love this nail polish. Well, it's a hate and love relationship. When I first tried this nail polish, I got acrylic tips. When my nail stylist applied the nail polish it appeared streaky..& she had putted on 2 coats. I wasn't please, but when I applied it myself onto my natural nails it appeared normal. No streaks or anything! As you can see here, I applied a un-boring twist to it.. I used my Kiss "Brush On Nail Paint" in Rockstar. This nail polish doesn't take long to dry, it isn't too thick nor to runny. I would honestly recommend this to a friend!

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