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Birthday Wishlist.

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so my birthday is coming up, it's 16 days21 hours16 minutes11 seconds to be exact.

 & I want to do something fun, especially since I spent my sweet sixteen bored watching tv in my room all day. & did I mention my birthday was on a Saturday too?! UGH! I want to do something the night before my birthday (this year its on Sunday) , so i wanna have fun Saturday and spend my actual birthday just chillin *liking all the fb comments*
Anywho, My ultimate plus size clothing and accessory store is Forever21...well until h&m starts selling their plus size clothing in the United States.
I have my updated birthday wishlist. Oh How I'm going to be coming home with a bunch of XXI bags!
I only want to spend around $150 at XXI. & Then just buy stuff else where if and when ever I feel like.

here are some items that caught my eye on Forever21.com

BeeTeeDubs!! Can you tell that I lovee that model from XXI?? UGH, I swear about everything Denise Bidot put on makes me want to buy it & besides that Shes just Gorgeous!!!! Shes going to be in NY too for Full Figured Fashion Week.
I would love to go to the fashion show that she is going to model in... or wishes wishes...

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  1. Super cute looks :)

  2. thanks! and happy birthday! i haven't had a bday on a saturday since my 21st. boo!

  3. Happy early birthday! My birthday is quiet soon too, it's the 13th of June to be exact. I bet you're excited! :D

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  4. great look dear!
    love it :)



  5. I like the way that Forever 21 made it universally friendly. I am more bottom heavy than top. slim at top and a little more at the bottom. So I can buy jeans from them. H&M jeans are WEIRD.

  6. h&m, is another story for me. idk why they can have a plus size line for Europe but not for the us. like o_O we can't be fashion but with a little junk in the truck? lols

  7. I love Forever 21. I've discovered it when i was living in NYC 2 years ago. We don't have it in France... too bad :'( but i've heard it's going to open soon in Barcelona, and i'm going to do my study there so soon, i am happy :)))

  8. @Mademoiselle I love Forever21 too! At least they ship to France! & you can find way more stuff on their website! But I heard international shipping are expensive!


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