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A Chubby Girl's Role Model...

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A Lot of Plus Size, Fat, Chubby, Thick, (what ever you wish to label us) don't really have many people that we can look up to.  They aren't many people similiar to us doing big things, breaking down doors, making movements, or anything. Well, overtime I've realized they're were a few plus size woman that people can still look up to. Such as mines :D lols . I'm talking about Denise Bidot, I  just love her. Denise Bidot is originally from Miami, Fl and currently living in Los Angeles, Ca. She is half Puerto Rican and half Kuwaiti and is also a mother of a beautiful girl I love that shes a extremely successful plus size model. Modeling for many of our favorite stores and designers that have a plus size line.

If I ever had the chance to meet her, only God knows what I'd do. (LOLs) 
Shes suppose to be at Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC this month,
 for the final runway show. xD I feel like I should go, I mean it's like  RIGHT there! (lmao)

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