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Beauty Buzz: Solange Knowles, New Face of Rimmel London

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Solange Knowles is one of Rimmel London's new faces!

She will represent Rimmel London 
makeup looks in campaigns which debut in the fall.

Solange Knowles comments: “I have always been passionate about make-up because it allows me to express my personality and style.  I’m very excited about representing Rimmel 
because it’s such a young, vibrant, on-trend brand.”

Solange Knowles Q&A:

Q: What’s your number one beauty tip?
Be healthy, be happy, be beautiful, be whole-heartedly you!

Q: Now you are the face of Rimmel, how do you feel about so many women looking up to you as a role model?
I am very careful of ever putting the role model tag on my shoulders. I am human and I am expected to have imperfections and make mistakes. However, if there are positive things I do that inspire or influence people I feel like my purpose as a person is that much more fulfilled. When I announced my role with Rimmel, I felt really proud to see such a positive response especially being that I represent someone of color, a single mom, an artist...and that I don't have to compromise my views to do so!

Q: Complete the sentence; “London is …
...the first place I visited in Europe when I was 10. My life was changed. London is one of the most inspiring places in the world...A beautiful melting pot of cultures, styles, and backgrounds. I always feel alive in London, there's always an 
adventure in London and some of the most unique and exciting people you will meet!”

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