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Makeup looks I've done..

By 5:49 PM

So I was here thinking about all of the makeup looks that I have done. And I was thinking that I should create a page filled with all of them. Well the ones I have pictures for on this computer. I have noticed that my skills have grown yet I have many things to learn. I still have perfected a cut crease. And especially Avant Garde looks. Bold and dramatic looks are my weakness. So you might see a few "different looks" coming soon because I need the practice!

     Any who, if you ever have any requests or any looks you want to learn how to do just email me at Shanice@Shanicexoxo.info. It could be from a simple Everyday look or a Avant Garde Look. 

You can also view my looks by visiting the "Creations." tab on my navigation bar. I will automatically update it once I do a new look.

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