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Name Necklace 4 U !

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Couple of days ago, I finally got around to filming this review for NameNecklace4U.com. I have had this necklace since June 4th, yes I know (WOW). Honestly I love the feels and the necklace itself. I only had one problem. IT IS TOO SHORT. I think I may have ordered the wrong size. Maybe I got the "Young Adult" rather than the "Adult" length. Because this necklace fits me like a choker. No joke! But this is 18k Gold-Plated name necklace. Their necklaces are inspired by the "Carrie" necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex And The City". They even have the actual "Carrie" font necklace. But I chose the Rebecca font. Not sure why, but that's what I wanted at the time.

The process it takes to hand make the necklace is about 2weeks. & Then about 2 weeks for delivery. The reason why it takes so long to reach your door step is because they are located in Israel. They're also a family owned business. 
My name necklace retails for about $58.95. 
See Pictures Below along with my review.

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  1. sucks that it is too short, but it does look cute.

  2. Sorry it's too shoet, but it's really amazing!!!

  3. Oh that's too bad it's so short, but it's really cute!


  4. lovely :)


  5. It looks great! I'd been thinking of a name necklace. Sorry that it's too short, maybe they'll let you return?


  6. Cute! I got my Carrie necklace elsewhere after shopping around online. I am so happy with my necklace and the price and service was great!


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