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Going natural..The Big Chop?!

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So I have been contemplating on going natural. I tried before almost 5 months of no perm.. and then I gave into the temptation. But I have came to a decision that I am no longer doing perms. I'm going to be perm free until about Oct./Nov. Then I'm going to do the big chop! And most likely wear sew-in weaves until my hair grows back. Because I'm already wearing weaves anyways. But I want my natural hair back, before my mother introduced me to perms. Ever since i've been getting perm my hair got damaged and never passes my shoulders anymore. But before I had a perm my hair use to be long. I want that all back. :)

I believe getting the sew-in would be easier for me to handle it. Because I despise short hair on me. I think it's cute on everyone else but me. I love long hair... 

Are you natural? How has your hair been since you made your transition?

xoxo Shanice

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  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I know you'll look fabulous!!!

  2. Good luck with transitioning. Im not natural but I have many friends that are


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