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How to Apply False Accent Lashes:

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Today I wanted to demonstrate how I apply false accent lashes. This was a perfect opportunity for me to incorporate a review on a wonderful website called MadameMadeline.com They sell false lashes for affordable prices. One of my favorite cheap brands are Red Cherry. You can buy your lashes in bulk (which is great for professional makeup artists or one by one if your a average girl just wanting to be glamorous.You can also purchase brow grooming kits along with any tools you need to apply your lashes.

  • Customer Service has fast response and they're kind.
  • Shipping takes 2-3 days via usps mail.
  • Quality lashes
  • Affordable products
 Check them out. Trust me you wouldn't be disappointed. I've bought many products from them before and I love them all.
Me with the accent lashes on.


 Applying false accent lashes are easy breezy. I recommend getting accent lashes if your looking for something that will brighten up your face and still give you a glamorous look that you can wear to school or work.
I love this eyelash glue! This along with the Duo brand one. Purchase HERE
Andrea Accents 301. Purchase HERE

Finished Look.

Step One:
  • Apply a thin line of liquid liner. If you wish, you can also use a gel liner.
    This helps create a base guideline on wear the lashes should go. If you were to have the lashes say crooked, the liner would fill in the exposed space making it seem as if the lashes are perfect.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue onto the base of the lashes and wait 20-30 sec.
    Try to get a good amount on the outer corners of the lashes; you want the lashes to stick on to you skin.
  • Apply the lashes as close to your lashes as possible. Then start to push the lashes inwards, as if you were pushing them into your skin. Then apply some pressure to your lashes and the false lashes which will help blend them together.
  • Finally if you wish to, apply some mascara. This is another way of blending everything together. 
Check out my tutorial on how I apply them.

 ftc disclaimer: madame madeline sponsored this tutorial. the lashes and lash glue were gifted for a review and/or demonstration. all opinions are my own. i was not compensated nor influenced by any means.

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  1. perfect tip!you are awesome!


  2. Thanks, Shanice! I shall try this one this weekend. YOu are the best!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. I totally suck at applying eyelashes...so thank you soo much for the tips!!

  4. Very interesting post!! I'm gonna try that!


  5. Great tutorial! I am so hopeless when it comes to make up! Haha. You did a great job though! :)
    Really cute blog, too!



  6. i'll be wearing some falsies next week so thanks so much for doing this. i think i'll be able to do it now.


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