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Lovely Maxi Skirts.

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A summer trend that I believe can still be incorporated into your fall fashion wardrobes are "Maxi Skirts". They were everywhere this summer. All the celebs were spotted walking down the street in a cute long -flowy skirt. When I saw all the styles this summer I fell in love. From the classic jersey maxi skirts to the hippie-chic tie dye skirts.. It's all just too cute! 

NOTE: Anyone can wear these! Even if your 5 feet like me. All you have to do is just hem them yourself or just take it to the tailors.  But most of them are short enough yet long enough for anyone to where them.

  • Some different styles I've seen Celebs wear.

& My most favorite at the moment was a gold sequin "Matilda Maxi Skirt "by After Shock.Well that's what the internet says. But I really love this, this is just so GLAMOROUS! It shows a more elegant side of the maxi skirt world. ♥


Do you love the maxi skirt craze? Would you bring it into the Fall season?

*Post coming soon on ways to where a maxi dress in the Fall.

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