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VMAs Fashion Wins and Fails:

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There were quite a few people who looked A MESS on that Black Carpet for last night's VMAs. Big name like Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, and Kreayshawn. Then there were a few that just looked so cute or stunning!

I usually love Selena Gomez's wardrobe choices for red carpets. But I wasn't a
fan of this dress. I believe this is a "let's be edgy tonight" gone wrong.
Maybe it's my personal taste, but I wasn't really liking Kelly Rowland's outfit.
The shoes were too cute, but I hated that dress.
Maybe it's the leather and tassels, but it's like a lot in one outfit.

Kreayshawn's dress was um, a major fail. Like why couldn't she at least dressed like
she dressed in her Gucci Gucci video or something.
Oh boy, she needs a wadrobe stylist on her team asap.
Nicki Minaj wore this THING! She's carrying a rag doll while
wearing a surgical mask with a bunch of metal!
Maybe she heard gaga was coming as a man
and wanted to steal to show or something.

L to R: Sammi, looked cute in her printed dress but the shoes didn't work for me.
Deena, looked like a ..IDK! All I have to say was her outfit and hair wasn't a "good time".
Snooki, Looked cute in this weird dress. The fact that IDK what pattern/print this is yet shes is shining is a PLUS!
Jenni, looked cute in this sparkly number, again not liking the shoe choice.

Beyonce, first when the camera's wouldn't go to her on the black carpet I was mad.
But the sneak peaks of this "orange goddess" attire was just gorgeous!
And to top it off she officially came out and showed us her prego bump.

Britney Spears looked cute. I would have maybe chosen?
different shoes and opted for no belt.

Jo Jo looked cute, fun, and bubbly. 
As much and I dislike Amber Rose, I always hand it to her when her outfits
are cute. And this white romper that she paired with gold pumps and accessories
were too cute.

Did you like the "Black Carpet" special? Did you like the outfit choices the celebrity chose?
Personally I was disappointed with the Black Carpet and certain parts of the awards.

FTC Disclaimer: All the pictures shown on this blog were from the following websites necolebitchie.com and fashionbombdaily.com. All photo credits go to them. This wasn't a sponsored post, I was not compensated.

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  1. i love kelly's outfit, nicki's was abit over the top... great post though!


  2. Loved Kelly's & Beyonce's outfits too. Everyone else didn't do anything for me, really.

    Who is Amber with now? Must be weird to bump into Kanye.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  3. so many cool dresses!


  4. Selena and Kelly were such darlings :)

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    all about golden children

  5. I agree with you everything you said !!! NM really what are you wearing she's awesome why try so hard

  6. i think Jojo's shoes were a tad too bulky for the look.. and i also wished britney choose a better shoe !


  7. Hey there! Thanks sooo much for your comment on my blog :)


  8. I loved Selena's and Beyonce's outfits!
    - K



  9. I love how it looks, though I have never personally tried it. Ironically I think I'm giving this away in my blog's giveaway in the trio lol.


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