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Weekly Update.

By 2:47 AM

I wanted to get this post up on Sunday but I was very busy this weekend, even tho we have been getting pure thunderstorms. I have been doing a lot of online research, looking for the perfect photo taking, hd video recording with auto focus, slick design, decent price. Like there are many cameras with the same features out there. But I have to say that Canon's cameras are the best in my opinion. Especially for taking low-light photos. Sony cameras has the most durable cameras out there. And Nikon had incredible DSLRs. But after my 2 week of research (I know, no life!), I've chosen to purchase the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS. I have to say it's a incredible camera. It take fantastic quality pictures and FULL HD videos. LOVE IT! I say if your looking for a small yet amazing quality camera you should get this hot item. It retails for about $230 at Best Buy, Walmart, Canon's Website, etc. So expect before quality pictures along with full HD tutorials + better lighting! :)

I have so many reviews I need to get out. I want to try and get out at least 2 today/ Monday. And then have a tutorial ready for Tuesday. Oh, and by the way... I have a back to school hair styling video I want to get out this week. I might film and post it Friday. Maybe like 3 different easy styles in one video? I'm not entirely sure yet. I have so much to do tomorrow and this week. On top of that I barely had any sleep this weekend. So I should be actually sleeping now to think about it. Well, Goodnight.. or Good Morning! :)

xoxo Shanice.

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