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DIY: Cute Stud Earrings

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Like a couple weeks ago I made my very own stud earrings. One pair was worn in a couple of my review, the ones with the blue cardigan. I loved making these earrings. They're something fun to make and I loved the outcome. This was my first time EVER making earrings. I've done a few researching both on YouTube and crafting websites and I found a simple-quick and easy method. Some items can be found at stores like Michaels, Walmart, etc. But I bought my Cabochons, Glue, and Earring Posts from different Etsy shops.

Products You'll Need:
  1. E6000 Adhesive (purchased here)
  2. 8mm Earring Posts (purchased here)
  3. Cuticle Cutters (you can use any sharp object, this was what I chose to use)
  4. Cabochons, Gem, etc. ("roses" purchased here  & "butterflies" purchased here)

Procedure / Steps:
  1. Prepare your earring posts. Take out 2 of the earring posts and 2 earring backs.
  2. Grab your cabochon and scratch and/or scrape the back surface creating a rough edge, which will help the glue grab on better. (This of it as when your about to glue on nails and you have to buff your nails first.)
  3. Grab the glue, apply a dollop onto the earring post's flat surface. Some glues tells you to apply some on both of the objects your gluing together.
  4. Wait 2 minutes to let the glue get tacky, then press the two surfaces together as hard as you can.
  5. Set the almost finished earrings aside for about 16-24 hours. Giving it  more than enough time to dry and allow the fumes to evaporate.
Finished Products:

For my first try, I honestly have to say it didn't come out too bad. I haven't had these break or fall apart since I've made then. I hear this is a strong glue. So to all my crafting lovers and/or people who just are willing to try this... GOOD LUCK! :) 

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