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Fall Fashion: Wishlist

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Fall is on it's way and I desperately need a lot of items for my wardrobe. First, I'm limited in money, second I just want so many things from so many different stores. Why couldn't I just magically win like maybe a $5,000 shopping spree like all of those lucky woman I sometimes see on tv. Why can't that be me?! (insert sigh here) Well, I recently decided to do some online window shopping. I find that for affordable plus size shopping it's easier to find stores that has your size but you would have to remember your exact measurements so that you can find your size. Because recently I had found out that a XL in one store may not be a XL in another. So you always should keep your measuring tape handy. The 2 places I love to shop at are Torrid and Forever21. They have plus size clothing, yet trendy enough that teenagers can wear it and look fashionable.

I personally love the pieces featured in Forever 21's plus size line. I wish they had a bigger variety like the regular sizes but hey they're trying:
  • I need some plain/basic tops like these. Because I could dress them up or down.

  • I don't even own a blazer! Yes, I know what kind of fashion blogger doesn't even own a blazer right?! But I found this sleek black one and I fell in love.
  • I also fell in love with this pointelle pattern top. 
  • This lace jacket caught my eye, it's so different and awkward..love it.

  • I always wanted a polka dot button up blouse.
  • Love the red and grey top. 
  • This handbag is nothing like I own. The style reminds me of vintage-like fashion
  • These suedette boots are something that I could wear anytime. I can see alot of cute outfits featuring these in the near future.

I love this store but it's much more expensive than Forever21. But at torrid I could find thigh high boots that can fit over my calves and pants that fits perfectly...and again they're much much more expensive. (insert frown here) I didn't find a lot of stuff this time around that I wanted on Torrid's website. But these 4 items I found really cute:
  • Loved this blue top on the model that was featured in the ad. It looks much different on this model shown, but I could make this work.
  • Those tights are to die for, I just love them.
  • I need a pair of flat-knee high boots. 
  • This jeggings have a light plaid detailing on them, which I like.

That's a lot of things, I know. But I fell in love with these items. 
I hope I can get at least half of these to fill up my closet. 

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  1. almost every store seems to size things differently. i do like the f21 blazer and the torrid jeggings.

    i also wrote about a fall wishlist on my blog today!

  2. Great post. All very affordable too. I have to check some of these sites out. I never heard of torrid. thanks for all you sweet comments on my blog too. I appreciate you reading!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC


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